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FolderMount Premium 2.0.9 [Android App]

An android game application is an application that much in demand. The Android Apk App is free and there is also a paid . Of course we can also install or download, with the following instructions.Description:

FolderMount Premium 2.0.9 [Android App]

ROOT is required. Without it, the app will not launch. Apk Android News

Problems? Use the EMAIL DEVELOPER link in the Play Store.

Today some apps store big files over the internal SD card (e.g. games, podcasts, offline RSS content, pictures, videos, offline navigation software). Typically users have a small internal sd card size (~16GB) while the external SD is a lot bigger (~32-64GB). Most of these apps users download from the Play Store save their application data in the internal sdcard by default and don’t have an option to use the external SD card to store data so they starve your internal SD card memory. FolderMount is the solution to this issue.

This app has the ability to link folders in your internal sdcard to folders in your external sdcard thereby populating the internal sdcard folders with content that really exists in the external card. This helps us free space and have multiple games/apps with big data stored simultaneously without the need to uninstall. For Nexus devices with no external sdcard, this application should help link folders to a usb flash drive for example.

Features of FolderMount:

* Mount internal SD card folders to external SD folders.

* Move content from internal to external when a pair is added. (Dialog prompt)

* Support for Android 2.3 – 4.2.2.

* Holo themed throughout and an intuitive GUI design.

* It will check SDCARD mount status and remount if necessary.


* Add a folder pair. Source is the internal sdcard and destination is your extSdCard

* After adding, FM will offer to move the files for you. Click yes.

* Wait until the move operation is done then click on the PIN. If PIN turns green, you’re all set.

* The files will exist in both the source and destination after mounting. This is expected and is normal. The files you see in your internal sdcard actually reside in your external sdcard now and if you “unpin” the pair, you’ll see that your internal sdcard is empty again.

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